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Victory for Suominen Flexible Packaging with Findus Pytt i Panne Original 600g design

Findus Pytt i Panne Original 600g design, which Suominen Flexible Packaging has printed and Flexolahti made the pre-press, has won The 2011 FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Awards.
“We’ve done close development work together with Flexolahti and the victory is a great acknowledgement for successful work in repro as well as on the printing machine” says Antti-Jussi Mattila from Suominen. He continues “Repro work and printing plates for flexo have been realised with certified HD-Flexo 2.0 technology which we have successfully taken into use during the year.”

The design took part into series "Any flexo print job previously printed by another process". “Findus designs have been previously printed with gravure printing. We are very pleased that our flexo printing quality is competitive with gravure printing” concludes Antti-Jussi Mattila.

For additional information please contact to: Repro Manager Antti-Jussi Mattila, Tel. +358 (0)10 214 2203