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Suominen introduces GENESIS® Pro All Purpose, the best-performing nonwoven for professional wiping

Suominen Corporation      Press release      3 April 2017 at 3:00 pm (EEST)

Suominen introduces GENESIS® Pro All Purpose, the best-performing nonwoven for professional wiping

Suominen, the global market leader in nonwovens for wipes, announces the launch of GENESIS® Pro All Purpose, a brand-new nonwoven substrate for general purpose professional wiping. The development of GENESIS® Pro leverages Suominen’s wetlaid heritage and builds on our new investments in wetlaid production technology.

GENESIS® Pro All Purpose is the strongest professional wipes material on the market, both wet and dry. It has the highest thickness, unbeatable absorption capacity and also the fastest absorption. GENESIS® Pro All Purpose in lighter weights outperforms its heavier competitors in key performance areas.

“This is not a typical nonwoven product but a typical Suominen product since it was engineered with the end-user in mind,” says Eileen Calder, Product Manager for Workplace applications at Suominen. “That is why GENESIS® Pro All Purpose delivers results with speed and ease in everyday cleaning tasks that are critical to business performance. The professional employees may just focus on getting the job done, confident that the wipes do not let them down, nor in light neither heavy-duty tasks.”

GENESIS® Pro All Purpose is available in a range of basis weights. Even in its lightest form, AP5000, GENESIS® Pro is the strongest material available which, thanks to its unmatched absorbency speed, makes it perfect for mopping up spills, cleaning down surfaces and keeping workspaces hazard-free. For the toughest tasks GENESIS® Pro AP8000 offers protection for the end-user when dealing with metal shavings, as well as oil, grease and cleaning solvents. It is the thickest nonwoven material for professional wipes, even when wet, making it a superior replacement for shop towels and rags.

GENESIS® Pro All Purpose is available globally and is part of Suominen@work nonwoven product offering.

See GENESIS® Pro All Purpose in action at INDEX17

Suominen Experts will demonstrate the functionalities of GENESIS® Pro All Purpose in Show & Tell session at INDEX17, in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday, April 5 from 9 am to 12 noon at Suominen booth #1522. You are warmly welcomed to join the session and visit our booth to learn more about Suominen, a market-driven, global nonwovens company creating materials that make customers stand out.

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