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Suominen introduces FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft for the gentlest baby wipes

Suominen Corporation      Press release      3 March 2017 at 14:00 (EET)

Suominen introduces FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft for the gentlest baby wipes

Suominen, the global market leader in nonwovens for wipes, announces the launch of FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft, a new nonwoven material for baby wipes that delivers unmatched softness for consumers and easy convertibility for Suominen’s customers.

FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft takes advantage of the widest range of fibers, from cotton to viscose to polyester, and Suominen’s uniquely modified production process, creating the softest nonwoven substrate in the market. For wipes converters, FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft offers easy, standard spunlace-like convertibility, but is beyond conventional spunlace nonwovens in its softness.

Baby wipes made of gentle FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft material help ensure parents are giving the very best they can for their child.

“FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft delivers peace of mind, one consumer at a time,” Jon Arendt, Product Manager at Suominen, says.

“We have given much attention to refine innovations for baby wipes. As a result, we were able to create a unique production process, ultimately resulting in FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft.”

FIBRELLA® Ultrasoft is available globally in weight range of 30 to 80 gsm and in various patterns.

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