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Suominen introduces AIRLACE™ for Workplace, the best-performing nonwoven in the market

Suominen Corporation   Press release   16 January 2017 at 2:30 pm EET

Suominen introduces AIRLACE™ for Workplace, the best-performing nonwoven in the market

Suominen, the global market leader in nonwovens for wipes, announces the launch of AIRLACE™ for Workplace, a new nonwoven substrate for professional wiping that performs in the most demanding work environments and offers the best cost-in-use. This novel nonwoven product was made possible by Suominen’s recent investments in production technology and R&D capabilities.

AIRLACE™ for Workplace is outstanding solution for wet and dry applications. It delivers superior combination of strength, absorbency and low linting with its optimum blend of cellulose and synthetic fibers. The integration of pulp makes it ideal for, e.g., cleaning oil spills and grease. Thanks to these features, AIRLACE™ for Workplace nonwoven is the preferred material for general purpose wipes.

Demand for better performing workplace wipes is driven by business’ need to create a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees, and also to improve overall efficiency, both of which help business owners to make their operations more profitable. AIRLACE™ for Workplace was specifically designed to answer to these needs with its strength, durability and absorption capabilities. For wipes converters, AIRLACE™ for Workplace offers easy and reliable convertibility, and its consistent quality and reduced lead times are ensured by Suominen’s recently improved global manufacturing platform.

“We have been able to make AIRLACE™ for Workplace unbeatable in absorbency. When combined with exceptional dry and wet strength, both superior to those of current market leading products, we are confident to say that AIRLACE™ for Workplace offers the best performance and value in the market,” says Eileen Calder, Product Manager for Workplace segment at Suominen.

AIRLACE™ for Workplace is part of Suominen@work nonwovens product offering. It is available globally in medium (60 and 65 gsm) and heavy (80 gsm) weight and also in color.