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Reclosable packaging for Trube’s coffee bread wins honorary mention

A reclosable packaging solution developed in collaboration between F.K. Trube and Suominen Flexibles was awarded an honorary mention in the corporate category of the ‘Easy To Open' competition. Organised by the Finnish Rheumatism Association and the Foundation for Finnish Inventions, the competition focused on new, easy-open packaging solutions for food and pharmaceutical products.
Trube was the first bakery in Finland to use this type of reclosable packaging when it launched a new range of braided and jam-filled coffee bread at the beginning of 2008. The packaging is designed to offer greater convenience and keep coffee bread fresh over an extended period.

The packaging was developed as a joint initiative between Trube and its customers and Suominen Flexibles. Particular attention was given to making it user-friendly, recyclable, and easy to open, regardless of the age or physical capabilities of consumers.

"We asked consumers what they saw as the shortcomings of the existing packaging used for coffee bread and buns," explains F.K. Trube's Managing Director, Jarmo Tolvanen. "This showed that many people find twist strips and traditional plastic closures difficult to use. A number of people also said that packaging often tears too easily, making it difficult to use it to store products after opening. So we set out to find a solution that would overcome these problems. The result was the reclosable packaging that's now won an honourable mention in the ‘Easy to Open' competition. It's also generated a lot of positive feedback from consumers across Finland since the launch."

The packaging is produced from polypropylene film and features a zipper closure that is easy to open and close repeatedly, ensuring that the product inside remains fresh and tasty over an extended period. The transparent film also means that consumers can get a good look at the contents on the shelf prior to purchase.

Trube's braided and jam-filled coffee bread is sold nationwide in Finland by all three of the country's major retail chains: K-Group, S Group, and Suomen Lähikauppa.

Further information: F.K. Trube Oy, Managing Director Jarmo Tolvanen, Tel. +358 (0)40 5270 626 Suominen Flexible Packaging Ltd, Sales Manager Harri Virtanen, Tel. +358 (0)10 214 2297

F.K.Trube Oy F.K. Trube is a specialist baker of coffee bread and cakes, using traditional baking techniques and high-quality ingredients. Founded in 1914 and part of the Hallman Group since 1974, Trube's coffee bread is sold across Finland by all the country's major retail chains, while sales of the company's cakes are concentrated in and around Kuopio, where the bakery is based. Net sales in 2008 were in excess of €3 million, and the company employs 30 people. www.trube.fi Suominen Flexibles Suominen Flexibles produces flexoprinted plastic film packaging for consumer applications for industry and the retail sector. Suominen Flexibles is one of Northern Europe's leading producers of flexible packaging, with production plants in Finland, Sweden, and Poland. The company is part of Suominen Corporation, which had net sales of close to €215 million in 2008 and employs around 1,000 people.