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Notification according to chapter 2, section 9 of the Securities Markets Act

Suominen Corporation has today received a notification of change in holdings in accordance with chapter 2, section 9 of the Securities Markets Act:

After transaction made on 19 November 2008, Etra Invest Oy's total ownership of Suominen Corporation has exceeded the 5 per cent threshold and is now 1,359,799 shares, which corresponds to 5.73 per cent of the Company's share capital and voting rights.

The registered number of issued shares of Suominen Corporation totals 23,720,112 and each share has one vote.

Tampere, 20 November 2008


Arto Kiiskinen Vice President, CFO

For additional information, please contact Mr. Arto Kiiskinen, Vice President, CFO, tel. +358 (0)10 214 300.