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Composition of Suominen's Nomination Board

The representatives of the company’s three largest shareholders have been elected to the Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Suominen Corporation. The shareholders entitled to appoint members to the Nomination Committee were determined on the basis of the registered holdings in the company’s shareholders' register on 1 September 2017.

The representatives appointed to the Nomination Board are Thomas Ahlström, member of the Board of Directors of Ahlström Capital and Managing Director of Antti Ahlström Perilliset Oy; Erkki Etola, CEO, Oy Etra Invest Ab; and Reima Rytsölä, Executive Vice-President of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company. Jan Johansson, Chair of Suominen’s Board of Directors, serves as the fourth member of the Nomination Board.

The Nomination Board shall submit its proposals to the Board of Directors no later than 1 February prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Suominen Corporation
Nina Kopola, President & CEO