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Workplace wipes made of engineered nonwovens beat conventional industrial wipes

Why do we at Suominen call industrial wipes ‘workplace wipes'? Because Suominen’s nonwoven products are used for a variety of professional applications: From sanitizing tables in fast food restaurants or hospitals to being used in factory workshops where aircraft parts are made. So, without a doubt, the market is very multifaceted and the name ‘industrial’ does not quite describe the versatility that well.

Engineered wipes beat low-cost options

Employers and business owners have two key considerations when talking about workplace environment:

  1. The health and safety of both their employees and customers.
  2. Doing it cost effectively.

Nonwovens, in the form of wipes, play a critical role in supporting both of these considerations. Why? Because a superior workplace wipe provides the user with a time-saving solution that does the job. Although there is always the cost involved, the least expensive option isn’t usually the best one for the user or the business owner. And there is a good reason for that:

A single low-cost ‘all-purpose’ wipe will not mop up, for example, an oily spill – but a wipe specifically engineered for the job will.

Consumers fear germs

People all over the world are increasingly aware and demanding of health and safety practices. This combined with the fact that wipes continue to be a preferred cleaning option over traditional textiles – also from the regulatory perspective – bolsters growth in workplace wipes.

Annual global growth in workplace wipes is anticipated at over 6% until 2017 and beyond.

To put it simply, people are afraid of germs. They include, e.g., pandemics that we keep hearing about from the media, food poisonings that aren’t that unusual and healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) which are a real problem that societies have to manage.

Did you know that in the United States, healthcare-acquired infections cause 75,000 deaths among hospitalized patients every year? In Europe, HAIs are directly responsible for 37,000 deaths. Those are shocking numbers which, for their part, set the bar high for medical disinfectant wipes.

Employers, too, should be afraid of germs for multiple reasons: Sick employees cost the US economy $225.8 billion every year. In addition, 94% of people say that they would avoid a business if they had experienced dirty restrooms in the past. So, unclean work environment is a potential business risk since it could harm your employees’ health and productivity, and drive away your customers.

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