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TexHack – a deep dive into innovations & new thinking

Markku Koivisto, CTO, represented Suominen in TexHack’s jury. Photo: Finnish Textiles and Fashion

On 6-7 November, Suominen participated TexHack in Helsinki – a hackathon focused on textile and fashion industries. The purpose of the hackathon was to identify new and innovative solutions for the very diverse textile-related industry. The event was organized by Finnish Textile and Fashion organization.

Over 50 participants – students, teachers, entrepreneurs and researchers – spent two days in work groups tackling challenges set by four companies: Suominen, Image Wear (workwear), Familon (home textiles) and Agtuvi (child clothing). Four groups focused on the challenge presented by Suominen: how the possibilities of nonwovens could be expanded through integrating smart technology into nonwoven products.

The groups that worked for Suominen identified very interesting solutions and were able to present really advanced concepts, having spent only 1.5 days with our challenge. The solutions concerned facial care, traveling, pet care and healthcare.

”While all four groups presented great ideas, we liked most about the one that concerned the enhancement of pet care through smart wipes. The idea was presented by a group of three Senior Lecturers from Häme University of Applied Sciences: Annikka Lepola, Leena Koivunen and Ville Siipola. We will examine their idea in further detail”, Markku Koivisto, Chief Technology Officer of Suominen, says.

“As our strategic aim is to create nonwovens that others cannot, events like TexHack are crucial for us. They provide us with new networks and help us push the boundaries of what is possible in nonwovens. This was the first-ever hackathon Suominen participated, but certainly not the last one”, Markku Koivisto concludes.

On top of company representatives, the TexHack jury consisted of diverse group of innovation experts: Elina Hiltunen, futurist; Pekka Tuomaala, Principal Scientist, VTT; Jaakko Salminen, angel investor and Anna-Kaisa Auvinen, CEO of Finnish Textile and Fashion.