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Suominen publishes its Supplier Code of Conduct

Suominen has today published its Supplier Code of Conduct, which establishes the standards for conducting business with Suominen and deals with matters such as freedom of association and discrimination. By publishing its Supplier Code of Conduct especially targeted to raw material suppliers, Suominen wants to pave the way for sustainable practices in the nonwovens industry and encourage all companies in the value chain to further develop their sustainability.

Composing a code of conduct for suppliers and implementing it was one of the key initiatives in Suominen’s sustainability strategy for 2015–2017. Suominen’s Sourcing function put the Supplier Code of Conduct to use already in 2015.

“Sustainability plays a major role in Suominen’s purchasing decisions and that is why we must communicate and document the commitments we require from our suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct is our way to reinforce ethical ways of operating in our value chain,” says Dan Dunbar, Vice President, Sourcing.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is available in the Sustainability section.