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Suominen Nonwovens is a totally smoke-free workplace

Ever-tougher legislation on tobacco and smoking together with Suominen’s customer’s rising expectations in terms of hygiene, means that Suominen Nonwovens is continually improving its standards. Smoke-free Suominen means that no one at Suominen Nonwovens factory grounds is allowed to smoke. This includes both own personnel and all visitors, whether they are customers, transport company’s representatives, or public authorities.

A smoke-free working environment, and providing the support people might need to help give up smoking, are important issues for promoting the health and working capabilities of people at Suominen Nonwovens. Tobacco smoke is categorized as a carcinogen that personnel need to be protected from under EU regulations; and the best way to guarantee this is through a smoke-free workplace.

“To ensure that we are able to deliver on better standards, the Corporate Executive Team has decided to make Suominen a smoke-free company” says Mr. Marko Laaksonen, HR Director of Suominen Corporation. “By committing ourselves to a smoke-free Suominen, we want to underline the importance of a healthy workplace and healthy personnel for our success. A smoke-free environment brings benefits in terms not only of health, but also financials and overall ambiance. The financial benefits are a plus for everyone, individually and as a company.”