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Suominen challenges to explore integrating smart technology into nonwovens at TexHack

Suominen is one of the corporate partners of TexHack, a 2-day innovation event by Finnish Textile & Fashion organization. In TexHack, Suominen challenges participating teams to explore what could be achieved by integrating smart technology into nonwoven products. The event will take place on 6–7 November in Helsinki, Finland.

Representatives from four different companies and the event facilitators will help participating teams draft the best possible solutions to four separate challenges. At the end of the hackathon, participants will present their solution proposals, and the judges, among whom are corporate representatives as well as third-party experts, will reward the best proposal with a grand prize of EUR 5,000. Groups will also have the opportunity to negotiate for further cooperation with the companies.

“Suominen wants to create nonwovens that others cannot and at TexHack we ask innovative people to help us push the boundaries of what is possible in nonwovens,” Markku Koivisto, Chief Technology Officer at Suominen, says. “We would like to see consumer goods experts, material specialists, technology professionals and digital designers take up the challenge.”


Apply by 12 October.


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