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Suominen and Women’s Bank: Cooperation continues

Suominen Corporation and Women’s Bank, a charity network, continue their cooperation that started in 2017. Suominen is the first company ever to extend its project donation to Women’s Bank over multiple years.

This year, Suominen supports a three-year project called Cooperation for Women’s Economic Development (CWED II) that continues the work started in the previous project, which ended in 2017.

The total budget of the new project is 750,000 euros and there are approximately 9,000 beneficiaries. The project is based on the learnings from the previous project, and its goal is to support financial and social empowerment of women by strengthening 17 established cooperatives.

“Women’s Bank aims at improving the financial status of women in developing countries through very concrete actions. Creating equal opportunities is part of Suominen’s Sustainability Agenda, and cooperation with Women’s Bank gives us opportunity to put this into practice in a scale that is larger than our business. We are very pleased to continue this excellent cooperation for a good cause with Women’s Bank,” says Anu Heinonen, Vice President, Corporate Communications, IR & Sustainability, Suominen.

Women’s Bank, too, is delighted to continue cooperation.

“For us, this is an important recognition that we are trusted and that transparency and productivity of our activities are valued,” says Reetta Meriläinen, Chair of the Steering Group of Women’s Bank.

For more information, please contact

Anu Heinonen
Vice President; Communications, IR & Sustainability
tel. +358 40 723 6279

Reetta Meriläinen
Chair of the Steering Group of Women’s Bank
tel. +358 400 464 220

Women’s Bank is a network of Finnish volunteers that works to finance female entrepreneurship and livelihood through donations and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The network arranges a multitude of events, activities and fundraisings.