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See for yourself: FIBRELLA® Zorb+ nonwoven outperforms competitors in absorbency

Suominen introduced FIBRELLA® Zorb+ to the market already in late 2015. Still today it is the best material available for fluid management components in surgical drapes thanks to its unbeatable absorbency.

FIBRELLA® Zorb+ provides rapid absorbency around drape fenestration and reduces post-operative clean-up time. It is low-linting nonwoven material and also highly resistant to abrasion, has excellent wet strength and is extremely soft. What is more, FIBRELLA® Zorb+ is easily drapable and conformable and, most importantly, can be sterilized by all common methods.

When it comes to absorbency, Suominen’s FIBRELLA® Zorb+ is twice as fast as competitor’s product and it also has clearly better absorption capacity, both critical features in surgical drapes around incision sites. Watch the video below demonstrating the superiority of FIBRELLA® Zorb+.

FIBRELLA® Zorb+ nonwoven is produced in Spain and in the US and is available globally in weight range of 45 to 50 gsm in color blue.

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