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Convenience trend keeps booming in wipes

Suominen HYDRASPUN Dispersible Plus nonwoven for flushable wipes

Today’s consumers aren’t any less convenience-craving than before. Quite the contrary, regardless of whether we talk about baby wipes, household wipes or personal care products.

Millennials – that is, people ranging from teenagers to those in their 30s – are a huge and probably the most potential consumer segment in personal care. They find, for example, cosmetic pads, facial wipes and facial sheet masks very practical, thanks to their ease of use. This increases the popularity of multi-benefit products that combine, e.g., exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing properties and are soft and flushable at the same time. As for nonwovens, delivering all these features requires advanced know-how in textures, patterns and fibers.

The trend does not limit only to personal care, as demand for added convenience continues to be strong also in baby and household wiping products. In addition to ease of use, this translates into ease of dispensing and handy pack size. Convenience also drives the usage of baby wipes in other applications, such as stain remover, cleaning the high chair, strollers, car interiors and so on. People continue to use baby wipes after their children have grown out of toddler stage. Why? Because they have discovered that baby wipes are indeed very handy and they may also search for specific wipes that do these chores even more effectively.

Growing demand for flushable wipes should not be forgotten. Consumers desire the option to flush wipes down the toilet after use because it is not only convenient but also hygienic. This sets the bar high for nonwovens used in flushable wipes, since the dispersibility of the wipe should be top-notch and undeniable. After all, it is in everyone’s interest that consumers can use flushable wipes safe in the knowledge that it will not clog sewers and wastewater systems.

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