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3+1 topics to note at OUTLOOK 2016 in Madrid

OUTLOOK 2016, the nonwoven personal care products and hygiene conference, will be held in Madrid, Spain on 21–23 September 2016. Experts from all over the world gather to discuss the current matters facing personal care and hygiene products industries globally and to tie new relationships to boost business in the future.

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During the three days of OUTLOOK 2016, presentations and discussions will cover many topics, even so many it may be difficult to decide what to participate in. We want to help you decide by highlighting three big themes which you should pay attention to at OUTLOOK 2016.

1. Sustainability and waste management

When looking at the OUTLOOK 2016 programme, it is evident that sustainability of nonwoven personal care and hygiene products is the number one topic in this year’s event. There are presentations about, for example, a cellulose-based society, nonwovens industry perspective to post-consumer waste, and waste management in Brazil. It is more than likely that the topic of sustainability will be touched also in many other presentations.

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11.30–12 noon on Thursday 22 September 2016
“Post-consumer absorbent hygiene products waste management – a case study for emerging markets”
Ioannis Hatzopoulos, Chair of Waste Working Group, EDANA
Senior Manager, Sustainability Communications Global Baby Care, Procter & Gamble 

2. Megatrends and direction of development

Nonwovens markets are changing and the industry rides multiple megatrends, but which of them are the most relevant ones? Does digitalization concern the nonwovens industry? Are we as an industry missing or even ignoring some vital trends? These are only some of the questions currently puzzling the industry and it remains to be seen if OUTLOOK 2016 can provide answers.

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10–10.30 am on Thursday 22 September 2016
“Megatrends and healthcare: implications on consumers, body image, and nonwovens”
Jeffrey Scott Saunders, Director, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

3. Flushability

The flushability of wipes is a sizzling hot topic in the nonwovens and wipes industries right now. (Check out this article about flushable wipes and dispersible nonwovens for an introduction to the topic.) The discussion continues at OUTLOOK 2016 with an update on, among other things, flushability requirements, INDA/EDANA labelling guidelines and media coverage on this issue.

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11–11.30 am on Thursday 22 September 2016
“Flushability break-out session”
Abby Bailey, Marketing and Communications Director, EDANA

+1. Transforming a company

The icing on the cake is the presentation in which Nina Kopola, President & CEO, Suominen, shares her learnings on how to transform a company, based on her own experience from leading a successful turnaround in Suominen from late 2011 to date. Now Suominen is targeting growth, but how was the company saved and how were the foundations for growth built? What should executives understand about people and change drivers when carrying out transformation?

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9–9.30 am on Friday 23 September 2016
“Transforming a company, from structure to capabilities and people: a continuous drive for growth and innovation”
Nina Kopola, President & CEO, Suominen Corporation

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We look forward to meeting you at OUTLOOK 2016!

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