Q&A regarding COVID-19 pandemic

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Suominen and how have we reacted to the situation?

Strict proactive measures were taken at a very early stage of the pandemic to protect our employees’ safety and wellbeing, which has ensured that our operations have continued to run safely and with limited impacts.

Regarding Suominen’s business, the demand of nonwovens for cleaning and disinfecting wipes as well as nonwovens for medical purposes has increased and consequently our sales volumes increased in all our markets.


How do we except things to progress?

We expect the higher demand to continue at least in the fourth quarter and early 2021. However, our sales in December are expected to be impacted negatively by the holiday season, as usual. In the longer term the pandemic may lead to a continued increase in demand for nonwovens for cleaning and disinfection products.


What are the main risks posed by the pandemic for Suominen and how do we manage them?

The risks include possible shortages of raw materials as well as potential closures of customers’ or our own plants due to virus infections or authority decisions. Issues linked to logistics may also arise.

The situation is monitored closely at all times and we have identified risk mitigation measures such as utilization of supplementary raw material sources. So far, in the jurisdictions where other business activities have been shut down, the authorities have classified our nonwovens production as essential in fighting the pandemic.


How has Suominen contributed to the fight against the virus?

We have developed nonwovens for various healthcare needs, including facemasks and protective clothing.  Our materials have been tested in Finland and they have met the requirements in terms of filtration efficiency and pressure drop for materials to be used by healthcare professionals.  We have invested in upgrading one of our existing production lines in Nakkila in Finland to enable the large-scale production of these materials.