Best collection of patterns in the market to deliver softness and cleanability

Suominen Design Lab delivers unique high-resolution patterns designed exclusively for Suominen by professional designers. The distinctive shapes and dynamic topography of Design Lab patterns are the result of extensive consumer research and are validated with consumers to convey softness and functionality in cleaning.

All Design Lab patterns are executable at real-life manufacturing speeds and ready for commercial production or they can be modified as desired based on your specific product attribute needs. Suominen guides you in choosing the best patterns to meet consumer needs.

Samples from Design Library

Benefits of Design Lab

Personal care products

  • Differentiation without added cost
  • Demonstrable cleaning benefits
  • High mix low volume availability


Household wipes

  • Texture cues tactile feel and performance : product will do what its supposes to do.
  • Dry – wipe topography
  • Wet – fluid management

Baby wipes

  • a
  • b
  • c


Hygiene products

  • Differentiation with added value and function.
  • Demonstrable functional benefits (skin wellness, breathability, pH regulation, gentle to skin, softness, textile-like).
  • Pattern exclusivity for a certain period of time (customers also patent their products).

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