Why choose Suominen?

Suominen produces nonwovens as roll goods. But that is not why we exist. Instead, the essence of our business is to make people’s lives better. That is why we are constantly evolving, researching what both consumers and professionals need to keep their environments clean and safe.

We work to enable convenient living. We contribute to better hygiene. We help save lives in hospitals. All this by utilizing our know-how to make exceptional nonwovens for wipes, hygiene products and medical applications.

We are inspired by the opportunity to make people’s lives better. Are you?

Four reasons to choose Suominen


1. We are truly global – but not all over the place

Suominen has operations in the Americas and Europe, and our nonwovens are sold globally. Running around the world with no direction, however, is not how we operate. We carefully consider where and with whom we want to do business with.

Suominen has a cosmopolitan corporate culture which finds its strength in intercultural interaction and recognizes no national boundaries.

2. We like our culture equal and hierarchy low

Suominen is a safe and fair place to work. We strive for diversity and ensure equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and other such things that don’t matter. Compensation and benefits are matched to your contribution and performance, not to who you are.

Hierarchy at Suominen is low and we will to keep it that way.

Suominen values authenticity. We dread office politics and steer clear of corporate celebrity culture. We want our employees to develop and be known as top professionals, but not to the detriment of their colleagues or the company.

3. You get to work with some of the world’s best-known brands

People might not know what Suominen does, but they know the end products made of our nonwovens and they recognize the brands we work with.

Some 26% of Suominen’s net sales come from Fortune 500 companies. This means that, at Suominen, you have a good chance of getting to work with the biggest brand names from, for example, the consumer goods business.

4. Suominen is a publicly listed company

Suominen is a big small company, publicly listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange. We create nearly half a billion euros in net sales with a little over 600 employees only. This means every employee can make a difference and feel important at Suominen.

We have combined the best practices from small and large enterprises to make Suominen a globally leading nonwovens company.

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