Suominen has two business areas: Europe and Americas.

Strategy 2017–2021



Suominen’s vision, “We change the way people think about nonwovens”, describes our aspiration not only to exceed our customers’ expectations with our innovations, but also to elevate the overall perception of the role of nonwovens. This is because nonwovens are not all the same; instead, every square meter of Suominen nonwovens is packed with carefully selected features tailored to match the needs of the end user in a specific use.


Our strategy defines how Suominen will achieve its vision and the targets set for this strategy period. It has three cornerstones that depict how we plan to execute the strategy and what aspects we will improve in our operations in order to be successful.

  1. Best in business
    In the first cornerstone, Suominen aims at being the best in its industry at turning end user needs into a commercial success that benefits both our customers and ourselves. That requires deepening our understanding about the needs of our customer’s customer and cooperating with customers to create mutual value. Our supply chain must be demand-driven, and we want to make our product brands the most appealing in the industry. Also, we are looking for new growth opportunities.
  2. Creating nonwovens that others cannot
    The second cornerstone is about developing and producing unique nonwovens that other companies are not able to create. To an extent, this holds true already today, but we are not yet the technological and innovative force we want to be in the industry. We are working to make our innovation machine even more powerful and quicker to react to changing end user needs. Our nonwovens will have smart functionalities. In addition, we want to offer the most sustainable nonwovens in the market.
  3. Community of changemakers
    The third cornerstone deals with Suominen as a group of people. We are a geographically dispersed company, but we want to overcome that by evolving into a true community on a global scale. To accomplish that, we are looking for a new means of interaction in order to feel more connected to each other. We also want to stir up our passion about creating change – whether inside the company or in the nonwovens industry. Internally that requires leading with trust, building management practices that support everyone’s daily work and being more active and open in sharing information.


Supminen's purpose is to make life better. This purpose statement reflects the fundamental role that the end products made of our nonwovens play in the daily life. By doing our job at Suominen better, we improve people’s lives.